Explore Our Innovative E‑commerce Consulting Services

At Inflection Shift Consulting, we strive to maximize your business performance in all areas of e-commerce. Our experts provide personalized recommendations for transforming your online brand and technology.


Strategic Assessment

This includes an assessment of your customer experience relative to customer’s needs as well as your competitor’s offerings, case studies from other relevant industries as well as recommendations on strategic direction and investment opportunities.


Organizational Assessment

This includes reviewing your organizational design, current capabilities, and your readiness to excel in e-commerce. Our recommendations will help your organization succeed in the competitive online market.


Feature Assessment

We will check your website’s current features and recommend improvements or new features. Our goal is to make your platform easier to navigate and more inviting to viewers. In addition, we will create a roadmap of the ideal e-commerce experience for your customers.


Technology Assessment

Get your technological strategy ready to perform in the e-commerce market. We assess everything from catalog management to order processing to customer experience. Our specialists will figure out where it’s best to invest your technology.


Pricing Assessment

An effective pricing strategy is vital to attracting potential customers to your products. We’ll help you develop and implement a new dynamic approach to pricing.


Due Diligence Assessment

This is an essential part of investing or acquiring an e‑commerce business. We assist in reviewing the competitive positions and growth opportunities of a potential investment company.

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